Batman Matroyshka Nesting Dolls

The Caped Crusader just got immortalized as a doll and no by that we do not mean the run of the mill action figurine. Russian industrial designer Katya Malakhova of St. Petersburg, has designed a set of Matryoshka dolls that look like everyone’s favorite brooding superhero; Batman.

Those unfamiliar with the concept of Matroyshka dolls would be interested to know that a Matryoshka doll is primary a Russian nesting doll. A set of wooden dolls of decreasing size are placed one inside the other, and the dolls often follows a theme, which in this case is delightfully geeky.



Like most traditional Matroyshka dolls, this one too has been constructed from a single block of wood and we love the intricate detailing that Malakhova has been able to achieve (the pointy bat ears are just pure genius).

We spotted these dolls on the Obvious Winner website first and honestly speaking, it is hard not to covet the “superhero within a superhero” theme. Those who love everything existential can also draw parallels with Batman aficionado, Nolan’s dream within a dream within a dream concept,  which was seen in that little movie called Inception.

The Batman Nesting Dolls unfortunately is not for sale, but we are hoping that the designer sees the light and puts her creations on Etsy or any other retail outlet. Also, if Katya Malakhova ever changes her mind, then we hope, we get to see a Robin Nesting Doll as well.

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