My Name is Guybrush Threepwood and I’m an Epic Sculpture

The late 80’s-early 90’s were times of floppy discs, black and white screens in computers, or for those lucky enough, 256 colors in VGA, and a style of games that differed greatly from what we are used to today: Point and Click adventures.

Probably the greatest classic of that time is Monkey Island, thanks to a combination of factors: the games are fantastic, new games are still coming out every once in a while (thank you Telltale!), and to top all of that off, the earlier games have been remade with updated graphics for the younger gamers who can’t deal with the retro visuals. With the series being as relevant now as ever, it’s great to see the fans still showing Guybrush Threepwood some love.

Showing love is exactly what Nick Pearce did when he decided to recreate Guybrush, as seen in the Tales of Monkey Island games, the fifth entry of the series. The reproduction, faithful and detailed, has Guybrush with his characteristic confused-yet-determined face, probably because the map he’s holding is part of one of the puzzles in the game. Also, he’s standing on a platform which seems to be inspired on a ship’s deck, which also includes a skull (most likely Murray).

Guybrush 1

Also, we must point out that Guybrush has both hands (not the hook) in this representation, and is plague-free. Good call, for it matches the sleek, clean look of this really well polished work. Now this Guybrush looks just ready to go and tell people how they fight like a cow, or point out there’s a three headed monkey standing behind them. Thanks for the tip, Nick! Fans of piratey things should also check out the Pirate Guitarr and the Pirate Ship Bedroom.