4 Excellent Sites For Geek Shopping

The shopping season is just around the corner, and geeks along with everyone else need to start getting gifts for their loved ones. Here are a few suggestions on where to look if you feel like trying out something different, that showcases some of your passions too.


Entertainment Earth

geek shopping ideas entertainmentearth

Entertainment Earth is one of the most popular online stores on the web, and you have probably been there before checking stuff out. What makes Entertainment Earth so special is its sheer size and catalog (you could get action figures like this amazing Michone 10 inch figurine, prop replicas, a Halo 5 wallet or Iron Man money clip, and a Star Wars Funko! Figurine in the same shopping spree!), while also having some of the most incredible and competitive prices on the internet. As Entertainment Earth doesn’t need a physical storefront, they get away with many discounts compared to most retail stores around the US, and if you’re clever and know what you are looking for, you can get some amazing stuff at cheap prices. Visit Entertainment Earth here.

Superhero Stuff

Superhero stuff holiday shopping

Superhero Stuff is a fantastic alternative when you want to shop for cute, fun or plain cool geeky props while supporting their creators at the same time. In this web, users will be able to get an incredible array of things straight from their store with many separate themes and characters for easier browsing, and to ensure you find whatever it is you need. Furthermore, their prices are pretty competitive and usually cheaper than most other websites Visit Superhero Stuff here.


geek shopping ideas think geek

Thinkgeek is one of our favorite websites for being very focused, doing one thing only, and getting it just right: allowing users to browse and see geeky things, gadgets, apparel, accessories, toys, shirts and more in one website, at some highly competitive prices. This website allows user to filter by type of gear, by series, and by any other combination (clothes for men or women, stuff for children, and more) so you can be sure that if you browse enought, you will find something that suits what you had in mind just right.

80s Tees

geeky funny shirts 80stees

Good apparel is hard to come by, and geeky apparel is particularly hard at that. Trying to find shirts with good designs, quality and in several sizes is an ordeal on its own, but one that 80s Tees solved for us entirely. Not unlike Etsy above, 80s Tees is all about letting individual artists and creators submit their designs which they later stamp on shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and other apparel after they get voted on. 80s Tees isn’t particularly more expensive than most other online stores on the web, but once you try out one of their designs and show it off around town, you will realize it was all money well spent – that is how cool and timeless some of these designs are. Seriously, give these guys a chance.

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