Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The Best Samsung Tablet of 2015

The prolific Korean giant Samsung impressed us this year with the Galaxy Note 5, one of their best tablets yet. Read here what makes it so good.


After turning the tide around when it came to design with the fantastic Galaxy S6, Korean manufacturer Samsung untroduced a new phablet design for the whole world to see, and now we can tell you all about the Galaxy Note 5, our favorite Samsung tablet of 2015.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 5 to the world a while ago, a phablet that borrowed equally from the fantastic Galaxy S6 smartphone and its predecessor the Note 4 at the same time. This was a move meant to replicate the fantastic success that their last smartphone represented in the phablet world (aka, gadgets that combine both smartphone and tablet features), and compete head on against Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and any other big devices in the market. With their new, improved design, the Note family was ready to showcase the best of its technology while also demonstrating how Samsung view the future from inside the company. The Note 5 uses spectacular materials and parts for a lightweight, smooth tablet, but this came with the cost of no longer featuring a removable battery or having microSD support, and also losing waterproof protection in the process. Now that we’ve covered the bad, let’s talk about what makes this baby special.


The Note 5 uses the Samsung Exynos octacore processor, the same one featured in the S6, but accompanied by 4 GB of RAM for extra power, that surpasses any low-end laptop in the market. It comes in two versions, with either 32 or 64 GB storage, and a 3,000mAh battery, which albeit smaller than the Galaxy Note 4’s, it compensates with its amazing speed, loading, and overall performance. The Note 5 has the same camera as the Galaxy S6, with 16 megapixels and a 5.7 inches Super AMOLED screen capable of showing media in 4K. Although the screen has the same size as previous models, the phone itself is smaller and thinner, with ergonomic design for more comfortable navigation.

As per tradition, the Note come with their traditional S Pen stylus, which are longer and more comfortable this time around, and are located on the phone’s side for ease of access. This phone runs Android 5.1 Lollipop by default, with a TouchWiz interface running on top for an extra layer of personalization, as well as a default app to connect and control our phone from any PC.

Samsung’s strategy was to release ahead of Apple’s fall announcements, and establish themselves before the Cupertino guys could show what they had been working on. And so, the Note 5 came out on the August 21st, at prices that were in range to those of the Galaxy S6 but only slightly more expensive, as to cover the extra space. Regardless, it’s getting the right balance between all of these features is what makes the Note 5 our favorite Samsung tablet of 2015.

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