The Geek Zodiac: What’s Your Sign? [Infographic]

Are you a Pisces with a rising sign of Libra? Perhaps you go by the Eastern Zodiac and are proud to be a Tiger? Well, forget the Year of the Dragon, because we’re now in the year of the Undead.
So, what’s your geek zodiac sign? Check out this chart to find out.

So the next time you go into a bar to pick up on that hottie, you can revert to the classic pick up line of “what’s your sign?”  … and then completely ruin it by telling her what her geek sign is.


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Famous Robots: Optimus Prime, Robocop, Terminator, Voltron.
Positive Attributes: Law-abiding, dedicated, logical.
Negative Attributes: Stubborn, intractable, cold.


Famous Wizards: Gandalf, Tim Hunter, Harry Potter, Zatanna, Oz
Positive Attributes: Wise, worldly, naturalist.
Negative Attributes: Aloof, didactic, clandestine.


Famous Aliens: Xenomorph, Predator, Body Snatcher, Triffid, The Thing.
Positive Attributes: Intelligent, technophile, diplomatic.
Negative Attributes: Suspicious, secretive, inscrutable.


Famous Superheroes: Superman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Jean Grey.
Positive Attributes: Selfless, moral, vigilant.
Negative Attributes: Condescending, pious, sanctimonious.


Famous Undead: Count Dracula, Eric Northman, Zombies, Buffy, The Ghostbusters.
Positive Attributes: Soulful, transcendental, knows the value of all life.
Negative Attributes: Haunted, tormented, difficulty connection to humanity.


Famous Pirates: Guybrush, Jack Sparrow, Dread Pirate Roberts, Long John Silver.
Positive Attributes: Natural leader, bon viveur, charismatic.
Negative Attributes: Restless quick to anger, untrustworthy.


Famous Daikaiju: Godzilla, King Kong, Mothra, Cloverfield.
Positive Attributes: Center of attention, big-headed, scientific.
Negative Attributes: Destructive, lonely, misunderstood.

Time Traveler

Famous Time Travelers: Doc Brown, Bill S Prestion, Esq., The Doctor.
Positive Attributes: Punctual, historicist, cosmopolitan.
Negative Attributes: Regretful, distracted, chaotic.


Famous Spies: James Bond, Flynn, Sydney Brislow, Jason Bourne.
Positive Attributes: Confident, patriotic, Desenrascanco adept.
Negative Attributes: Duplicitous, selfish, remorseless.


Famous Astronauts: Dr. Dave Bowman, Fantastic Four, Nostromo Crew, Colonel George Taylor.
Positive Attributes: Bold, team-oriented, precise.
Negative Attributes: Untethered, distant, controlling.


Famous Ninjas/Samurais: Storm Shadown, Tsubaki Sanjuro, Itto Okami, Darth Vader.
Positive Attributes: Loyal, deferential, level-headed.
Negative Attributes: Unemotional, subservient, violent.

Treasure Hunter

Famous Treasure Hunters: Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Jack Colton, Allan Quartermain.
Positive Attributes: Adventurous, cultured, quick thinker.
Negative Attributes: Greedy, loner, cavalier.