15 Geek Inspired Greeting Cards for The Holidays

It’s quite a burden picking out Christmas greeting cards to send out and sometimes it’s a burden getting them when they’re the same old, same old. But with our selection of Geeky Christmas Cards handpicked especially for you, the whole process is a little bit more fun. Yes, you can always go the safe route with these cut Merry Christmas Greeting Cards from the Amazon Collection, with a 24-card set costing $12.95. However here at Walyou we like to do things a little differently, by helping you to get your geek on even in  through the Christmas cards you send out.

Heads Will Roll Christmas Cards

FUNNY Unique Christmas Paper CardsThe Heads Will Roll Unique Inappropriate Christmas Paper Cards set is perfect for those looking to give someone a nice laugh when they open their envelope and before looking inside the card, in which it says Merry Christmas. The 12-card set costs $19.95, but you can also buy the 36-card set for $45.99 or just one card for $3.95.

Dr. Who Christmas Card

Dr. Who Christmas Card

The Dr. Who Christmas Card, with the Tardis looking all nice for the holidays and floating in the air with a white background, is the perfect winter & holiday gift for fans of the show, which are growing in numbers by the day. You can buy it for $4.44.

Snowman Blueprint Geeky Christmas Card

Geeky Christmas Card

The Snowman Blueprint Geeky Christmas Card is a great idea for a personalized holiday blessing for companies or individuals, with the option of putting the company logo on the card. One card costs $13.99 but for those looking to send these out to more people, especially within corporate organizations, there are deals of 12 invites for $29.99, 20 invites for $38.99, 50 invites for $68.99 and up to 200 invites for $218.99.

Christmas Video QR Card

Personalized video QR code cardThe Christmas Video QR Card is an excellent way of standing out during the holiday season with your gift, which once scanned by a smartphone, plays a holiday greetings video or audio you might have even made yourself. It costs $9.95.

Star Wars Santa Yoda Christmas Card

Star Wars Santa Yoda Christmas CardThe 2015 Christmas is all about Star Wars, which makes the Star Wars Santa Yoda Greeting Card the perfect way of both tending to the holiday needs of sending something out and making sure people stay up to date with what’s the most important thing going on. Buy it for $11.90 instead of $29.99.

Geeky Periodic Table Christmas Greeting Card

Geeky Periodic Table Christmas Greeting Card

The Periodic Table Christmas Greeting Card comes from a company called NewtonAndTheApple, specializing in making greeting cards with the letters of the elements on the periodic table. In this case, Christmas, it’s Ho (Holmium). One card costs $4.60, but you can also order a 3-card pack for $9.27 or a 5-card pack for $13.94.

Darth Vader Christmas Greeting Card

Darth Vader Christmas Greeting Card

Perfect for dads trying to be a little bit cheeky with their sons, the Darth Vader Christmas Greeting Card makes for an amusing way of showing them you remember them during the holidays. It costs $3.68.

Reindeer Anatomy Christmas Greeting Card

Merry X-Mas - Reindeer Anatomy - Nerdy Christmas Card -

A Reindeer Christmas Card? It’s been done. A Reindeer Anatomy Christmas Card? That’s a little bit more refreshing and twisted, but people enjoy humor that’s not mundane, especially if they’ve had something to drink. You can buy it for $4.50.

Star Trek Christmas Cards

Star Trek Christmas Cards

The Star Trek Christmas Cards set focuses on 7 characters from The New Generation show which ran in the 1990’s, featuring Picard, Riker, Worf, Geordi, Crusher, Troi and Data. It comes in a 7-card set with each character getting one nice show-related pun to use as a greeting. You can get it for $10.91

Space Invaders Christmas Card

Space Invaders - Christmas card

The Space Invaders Christmas Card takes care of a few things while fulfilling the most important thing; it’s Christmas duties. It’s retro, for those aging gamers in your life. It’s 8-bit, because people love that kind of stuff. And it’s cute little aliens? Who doesn’t love those? Buy it for $3.99.

Game of Thrones Christmas Cards

Game of Thrones, Funny Christmas Cards

Winter is coming (or is already here), which means we’re just one season away from a new Game of Thrones season, and the Game of Thrones Christmas Card is a perfect reminder either to start getting ready, or simply a way to make someone who is a big fan of the show (or the books) a little happier during the holiday season. You can buy it for $3.89

Pixel Christmas Tree Card

8-Bit Video Game Cards

A perfect gift you can re-use because it’s made out to be printed, the Pixel Christmas Tree Card might be one of the best bargains you’ll get, especially if you’re in HR of a big company and need to take care of a lot of workers. It costs $4.99

Super Mario Bros Christmas Card

Super Mario Bros Christmas Card

The Super Mario Bros Christmas Card is fantastic to give gamers or Mario fans, but let’s face it, everyone loves Mario. You buy just one for $3.80, and it comes in a variety of 10 different colors.

Star Wars Yoda Christmas Card

Star Wars, Yoda, Christmas card

Another Yoda, but this Yoda Christmas Card isn’t about Santa, but more of a nice little Yoda’ish pun about crying in the holiday, which isn’t allowed, because Santa is coming to town, or maybe because the new Star Wars film is coming out a week before. You can buy it for $4.67.

Chemistry Cat Funny Christmas Card

Chemistry Cat funny Christmas Card

More chemistry jokes, but this time with a cat! The Chemistry Cat Christmas Card is also about the letters of the periodic table, only with a nice little drawn cartoon of a nerdy cat in a chemistry lab. What’s more Xmasy than that? It costs $4

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