13 Geeky Jesus Artworks

Religion, when it’s taken too seriously, sucks. You know – Wars, death and all that stuff. People take Jesus way too seriously. The best way to put it all in context is by giving Jesus a geeky twist. You can’t take life too seriously when you can enjoy a good artwork of Jesus as a Pokemon character.

Zombie Jesus

Pretty fitting with all the raising the dead thing.

Jesus and Star Wars

Star Wars is a religion to some people, so this makes sense in a way.

But this makes even more sense. Jesus being a Jedi, on the forces of good and all.

Find Jesus. Reminds of me of Leutinant Dan in a way, or one of his rants at least.

The Jesus

Batman Jesus

If there’s one imaginary person I’m willing to follow to hell and back, it’s Batman. And Steven Gerrard, but that’s a different story.

Reach Out and Touch Faith – Marilyn Manson Jesus

Super Hero Jesus 

Whimsicott Jesus

And Another Pokemon Reference

Mac > PC

Even Jesus preferred a Mac.

Super Saiyan Jesus

Zoidberg Jesus