Excelsis 88: The Gundam PC Mod

When someone mentions Gundams you instantly think of big full-metal power fighting machines with big guns and rockets.  This PC mod may not have the same fighting equipment, but it was inspired by the Gundam anime series. The mod, built by Ramil and Louie, took just over nine days of time, or around 224 hours, to design and build the PC.

When you first look at the mod it looks as if it could move around.  The detail going into the lighting of the machine is what might be most impressive having a blood red glow combined with fire like oranges.  It almost gives off an aura of energy and power making it almost mimic that of a real Gundam.

The Excelsis 88 was designed after an F117 Nighthawk and from one of the mobile gundam suits off the Gundam series called the Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

The Lancool K-62 mid tower makes up the body of the Gundam mod.  Materials for the mod range from tubings and plywood to recycled metal and a car hydraulic scrap for the antenna.

Although the exterior is nothing short of a work of art and craftsmanship, the interior is a masterpiece of engineering and design.  The Excelsis 88 has a Phenom II X4 955 BE that run up to speeds of 3.7ghz.  The interior also has a sweet looking armor plating that covers a lot of the cables and components making a very clean and unique look.

Some more specifics on the technical side of the Gundam include a Gigabyte GA-790FXTA-UD5  motherboard, and 4gb of Nanya DDR3 1333 of ram.  It also includes a Wester Digital Sata3 640gb hard drive that gives more than enough storage space.  The power source comes from an HEC Cougar CM 550w and you can see by the pictures that the custom made cover gives a nice touch to it.  Although the case is cooled by fans, there was plenty of room left on the top for radiators for future upgrades.

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Via: Case Mod Blog