BETA Desktop PC Mod by Peter Husar

Peter Husar’s PC mod named BETA is an exceptional and powerful PC mod.  The project took nearly a year to complete including all the sketch work and the actual building of the machine. Peter Husar, who also goes by Gtek, is 26 years of age and was born in Slovakia but lives in Scotland currently.  Peter has been building and designing PCs since 2006 and this most recent project of his is somewhat of a dream machine.

BETA’s main concept was a really compact secondary/LAN MicroATX system that was not only designed to be compact, but to also be able to take on everyday tasks along with a little side gaming.  The actual case is nothing short of impressive.  It has really strong contrasts that include dark blacks, elegant whites, and neon greens.

The form of the case is also eye-candy.  It has soft curves with sliced edges that give it almost a futuristic alien type look.  The point of the design was to keep things small and simple and that’s exactly what Peter did.  He decided that the best option for cooling the masterpiece was to have a positive pressure cooling system that had only one 180mm intake fan.

Most cases with one fan would likely heat up quite a bit, but since the design is compact, the one fan is more than enough to supply the case with cool air.  Not only does the compactness keep it cool, but the bottom and the top are open so air, especially the hot air, can escape easily.

Aluminum was used for the chassis and fiber glass was used for the side and front panels.  A lot of detail was put into the design not only on the exterior, but the interior as well having a dark acrylic tint added to the top and insides.

The interior features a nice Intel G6950 3.6Ghz processor and 4GB of DDR3 Corsair Dominator ram.  It also has an EVGA GTX 460 SE 1024 gddr5 video processor.  A definite one of a kind case design and nothing short of extraordinary.

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Via: Mnpctech