Halo Prequel Marathon Video Game Coming to iPad

Every gamer who has ever picked up a controller has heard ab0ut the incredibly popular Halo series.  There are entire discussion groups who are still going over whether or not the video game series wen tin the right direction.

One game that set Halo on its path but is still a little less well know is the game that laid the groundwork.  Shooter games have always been pretty popular.  Shooter games on the console have become so popular that Xbox users are even getting carried away with the controllers such as replacing some of the control buttons with actual bullets.  Of course at some point people need to get a little more classy than that and bringing a great shooter game to the iPad is one way to do that.

With the upcoming arrival of the Amazon tablet, the iPad needs to find new ways to make sure they keep the entirety of their popularity and one of the ways to do that is to bring some games that were pretty darn popular even when they were getting played on the old school format such as the personal computer.  The game “Marathon” is getting set to launch on the iPad and is apparently going to bring everything that avid gamers using Macs and PC have fallen in love with.

Marathon is actually well known among those who are avid Halo players because it takes place in the same universe and for that matter is a direct prequel to what happens in that particular story line.  This means that those that feel as though the Halo storyline went off the rails a little bit, or who are looking for another, interesting chapter to the series can find it with Marathon.  Of course the characters won’t be the same, but is that ever really needed when you sink your teeth into a great game?  Of course the really good news is that apparently the game will actually be a free app, something a little surprising when you think about the money making possibilities of another angle to the Halo universe.

For those not familiar with Bungie’s creation, check out the video to showing some gameplay.