Giant Woman Transforms Lake into Bath Tub

All pieces of artistic creation arouse a wide range of emotions. There are some creations that are either liked by people or disliked while there are some that leave you confused as what it is and what the creator had in mind when he thought up such an idea. These creations are very perplexing and can leave you pondering over it for quite some time. This was the same initial reaction that came from the residents of Hamburg when they woke up to find a giant woman sculpture bathing in the Inner Alster Lake.

Die Badende, or The Bather, as she is called has decided to take a dip in the Inner Alster Lake making it her very own bath tub. Hopefully she does not disturb the aquatic life of the lake as she sits there in a very comfortable position reposing. All that one can see of her are her knees and her head with a good lock of golden hair. She is no ordinary woman and has every reason to take a bath in a lake; her gigantic size being one of the main ones. She is 67 feet long and weighs almost two tons. In fact she rises 13 feet above the water.

There is another reason for Die Badende to be taking a bath in a lake. She has been created by German sculptor Oliver Voss for a British beauty products company names Soap & Glory as part of an advertising campaign. According to the advertisers The Bather aims to promote the “art” of bathing and hence she has been hoisted in the lake in the heart of the city where she can get maximum visibility.

She sure is getting visibility and probably more than what the advertisers had imagined. There are quite a good number of people hiring paddleboats to get closer to her in order to get a better view. How much they appreciate the “art” of bathing is yet to be decided.

After Die Badende has had a good long bath for 10 days she will be taken out of the water with the help of a crane. Towels will be ready to dry her off immediately as she sure would be a bit too cold by then.


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