13 Essential Harry Potter Collectibles

    Being a fanatic Harry Potter fan means you haven’t only seen all the films and read all the books. It also means you let the series live with you everyday – on your clothes, your shoes and the coffee mugs you drink out of.

    Because if you haven’t spent too much needless money on even more needless stuff from your favorite geeky obsession, don’t call yourself an obsessed fan.

    Shirts With Quotes

    Muggles Shirt

    People who don’t know what magic is really are downers.


    The original fearsome foursome.

    Harry Potter Hoodie

    For Pro-lifers.

    Voldemort T

    Cheering for misunderstood villains is the best.

    9 and three quarters T

    Three Broomsticks Pub

    It’s important to show people you love going to your favorite fictional pub.

    Your Very Own Golden Snitch

    Golden Snitch

    I don’t think this one comes with flesh memory.

    Polyjuice Flask

    Polyjuice flask

    When you want to feel like someone else.

    Mischief Managed Shoes

    Mischief Managed Shoes

    Comes with some impressive artwork of Hogwarts.

    Golden Sintch Shoes

    Big Three Handbag

    Big Three Handbag

    Accio Coffee Mug

    Accio Coffee Mug

    Every sip tastes magical.

    Cell Phone Cases

    Cell Phone Harry Potter Case

    So you never forget.

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