Harry Potter Remixes: 7 Magically Geeky Mashups

Harry Potter remains popular worldwide. It’s been banned by the ultra-religious and copy-catted in many forms. This time, we’re sharing seven magically geeky mash-ups between Harry Potter and other pop culture elements.

Harry Potter Meets Angry Birds

Olechka put together this mod of Angry Birds turned wizards and witch. Which would be their weapon of choice:  a slingshot or wand?

Harry Potter Meets Star Wars

VirgiliArt presents Hog Warts … Star Wars style.

Harry Potter Meets Aladdin

Harry Potter meets Aladdin, the ‘street-rat’ turned prince, courtesy of BigBowsInMyHair.

Harry and Ginny recreate the balcony scene in Aladdin, created by DepartlyInLove.

Harry Potter Meets Spiderman

Mary Jane turns into Ginny and Peter Parker becomes Harry Potter in this mash-up by Divine-Miss-M.

Harry Potter Meets Avatar

HarrisonODell envisioned Jake Sully of Avatar (and the movie poster) in a Harry Potter flick.

Harry Potter Meets The Simpsons

Henrique Meuren placed the Hogwarts misfits in The Simpsons Movie for a mixed-message mashup.

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