Fat Tony Toys Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Most people are used to reading reports about how unsafe and unhealthy it is for children to eat sweetened cereal.

The cereal makers usually advertise their products in an attractive manner and are almost always successful in brainwashing kids with appealing caricatures and characters. Kellogg’s ‘Tony the Tiger’ is a character which kids can easily recognize. Artist Ron English has used guerrilla marketing techniques to get these kids to question these sweetened cereals’ safety. With that in mind, he has unveiled vinyl figures of ‘Fat Tony’, and encourages them to see their favourite cereal in a different light.

Earlier, he had covertly placed empty cereal boxes in grocery stores hoping to get shoppers attention towards unhealthy eating habits. Sweetened cereals are known to contain more sugar than necessary, and put children at risk of developing obesity. However, attractive ad campaigns usually get the better of shoppers and they end up consuming a lot more calories than they ever would require, leading to obesity. Ron tries to use these vinyl figures to spread awareness among not just children but also among parents who might purchase cereal at children’s insistence.

The vinyl figures of Fat Tony the Tiger are yet to reach the market, and then they do, they would come in a limited edition of 500 pieces. He may also unveil more colors but they would be limited to just 100 pieces each. Ron English has not released the official dates for the toys’ release yet. If you worry about growing fat, or if you know someone who is already overweight, you could take a look at Kami Kami Bite Counter, which makes sure that you chew for at least 30 times so that your food is digested easily. Chewing properly can help in digestion and thus avoid putting on extra weight.