Pokemon Theme Song Performed By Herman Cain [Video]

Pokémon and politics meet once again, “again,” as a former U.S. Presidential candidate sings his heart out live to the theme of Pokémon: The Movie 2000.

Herman Cain Sings Pokemon 2000 Theme Image

It sucks that politics these days, especially here in the states, is a slimy mess of hostility all around. Where people do their best to swing as much dirt and hatred on each other to the point where nothing ever gets done; it’s depressing honestly. Oh if only we could come together again as a Nation — and perhaps this odd, but quite hilarious, pairing of a former race-runner for the Presidential seat, and those lovable mini-monsters from Japan, is the remedy to our troubling political discourse.

Recently, thanks to Stephen Colbert (the “t” is silent by the way), the funny Comedy Central comedian and (fake) South Carolina presidential candidate, held a special rally over the weekend at the College of Charleston, located in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina, and invited once Republican candidate and former pizza-chain CEO, Herman Cain, to do his own gospel-choir backed rendition of the theme to Pokémon: The Movie 2000. Ah, it’s times like these that I truly love the Internet…

Cunning readers will remember that Mr. Cain got caught using a verse from that song, The Power of One by Donna Summer, in a closing statement to a Republican debate a few month’s back. While it might have took some prodding from the media, and some good ribbing by Colbert and his fellow Comedy Central cohort, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, to get the real truth, Cain latter admitted that, indeed, the line he used was from the full feature-length Pokémon movie. Hmm, I think might have seen that one — it had Pikachu right?

Now in video form, it appears Mr. Cain has fully adopted his folly in glorious pride. Whether this act is him being earnest or winking at the camera jokingly, is a question that misses the bigger picture folks; it’s all about that “comedy gold.” Sweet nectar of the gods.

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