Mouth Watering Harry Potter Hedwig Cake

Of all the magical characters introduced to us in the Harry Potter franchise, Hedwig the Snowy owl has to be one of the most adorable.

Hedwig was known to keep Harry Potter company when he was lonely and desolate and they may have also understood each other in times of loneliness. The snowy owl has been recreated by a baker and the Hedwig Cake is truly mouth watering.

Rosebud Cakes located in Beverly Hills, CA has created this amazing Hedwig Cake in which the glasses, the wand and even the polyjuice potion are edible. In fact, everything that you see in the picture of the cake ensemble is edible. This incredibly detailed cake will certainly go down the pages of history as one of the most mouth watering cakes based on fictitious characters.

You might also want to take a look at the Huggable Harry Potter Character Pillows which we had featured sometime ago. The Harry Potter Dragon Ring can be given to your love when you want to propose. Though Harry Potter has not been in news lately, fans have continued to keep the spirit alive by baking cakes, building accessories and adding to the list of merchandize already available to other Harry Potter fans.