16 Awesome Hello Kitty Mash-ups

For some reason, people really like Hello Kitty. What’s so special about a Japanese Bobtail cat is beyond me, but it’s a business that brings in more than $1 billion a year to Sanrio. Joseph Senior, an art director from New Zealand, felt that there’s more to do with the character in terms of making it actually interesting.

How? Mash Ups, geeky mash ups, is the way to go. Using Darth Vader, comic book characters and surprising figures from the world around us, he actually makes Hello Kitty bearable.

Lady Gaga and KISS

Lady Gaga has never looked so normal or cute. Same goes for any Kiss member, who would wish to have the artist as their stylist.

Daft Punk and Darth Vader


Darth Vader, somewhat of a divine deity in the geek universe, shouldn’t be put next to anyone. But Daft Punk are a decent group, reeking of geeky references, with their job on Tron being the latest installment.

C3PO and Tron

Thor does look like a menacing little bastard. Super Kitty, which is probably Super Girl or Superman, not so much.

Idols of feminism and girl-power while kicking bad men’s asses with minimal clothing get a toned down version.

It feels weird staring at Batman in his Hello Kitty dress. Looks like something from an S&M club. I guess Donatello is up for that kind of thing as well.

Looking like this, Beatrix Kiddo looks eerily similar to the fat and lazy cat.

Will & Kate

Hello Kitty has never looked more regal.