Pacman Secret Hiding Spot: Get High Scores In A Breeze

Pacman is one of the first things that comes to mind when someone thinks “classic 80s videogames”. And even today, we’re still learning stuff about the game. For example, a bunch of us already knew that the ghosts have a fixated route, and that there are optimal routes to take if you want to get your score maxed out. Still, just recently, some dedicated fans discovered that there is one spot in the game that ghosts will never go to. A secret hiding post where Pacman can live long and prosper! That is, until he decides to come out again.

Now, a couple things about this spot where you can park Pac-Man: first, this doesn’t work with newer versions of the game (don’t bother with it on your NES or smartphone, only the original arcade and MAME). And second, players must get to this spot without being seen by ghosts (that is, avoiding their direct line of sight). Now, good luck, and enjoy pulling this one trick off! See it working in the video below.

Now, there’s the philosophical discussion of it this constitutes cheating or not, but hey, it’s not like you’re entering any codes, and on top of it, it’s not like getting the rest of the pills won’t be a challenge, right?

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