Giant Hexapod Robot is an Impressive Alternative to Cars

Who needs cars when there are giant hexapod robots? It’s a fully operational motor vehicle, equaling the coolest form of motor transport since the Ferrari.

Mantis image

The only thing more strenuous than facing the grueling battle of bus tickets, waiting times and passenger queues, otherwise known as the nightmare of public transport, is the hassle that comes with owning a car. The practical, sturdy ones leave much to be desired in terms of aesthetics as most can be described as ‘eyesores’ and the expensive, flashy ones will leave consumers out of pocket in both initial purchase and maintenance cost terms. Needless to say, getting around without much use of footpaths, is quite a difficulty.

Enter challenger ‘giant hexapod robot’, because people might not need one to travel, but boy do they want one because who needs a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or a Maser-whatsit when there’s the option to travel in style via a fully operational mechanical robot.

Of course, Inventor Matt Denton realises that this impossibly cool looking invention would be just that, impossibly cool, but defying the realm of ‘possibility’ altogether, he’s gone and invented it, much to the sheer delight of vehicle collectors everywhere.

Having built miniature hexapods in the past during his time at Micromagic Systems, Denton is actually a specilist in the field of animatronics and special effects, having designed some impressive movie magic in the likes of ‘Lost in Space’ and the more recent blockbuster hit, the Alien-based title, ‘Prometheus’. This invention, called the ‘Mantis’ is actually his first foray into the giant hexapod landscape.

Sitting at 9.2 feet tall, far taller than the average human, man or woman, weighing in at two tons, the Mantis is powered by a 2.2 turbo diesel engine. This mechanical beast is designed to take on any terrain, and it’s unlikely, that with statistics that impressive, that any terrain will be able to stand in its way.

The Mantis, which is pictured in an image right at the top of this post, can also be controlled via wi-fi, or, as most people would rather like it can be driven first-hand as there is plenty of room for a driver to take the front seat.

Denton says that while it’s not intended for general sale, people can hire it out for a go, or just to show it off at exhibition if they wish.

Watch a video of the Mantis in action below.

Source : cnet

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