Walyou Interview With Cosplayer Candu Stark

The last few days we’ve been coming across a lot of really good pictures of a fantastic Harley Quinn cosplay. Now, we finally get to meet the woman behind the pics.


Finally! A story about an Argentine that is neither about islands nor the Pope!  This is Candu Stark, a cosplayer from Argentina that has been gaining momentum as of late, because of her incredible work depicting Harley Quinn from Injustice: Gods Among Us. Yet, anyone who sees behind this one particular set of pictures will find a passionate cosplayer that has been at it for a while, creating some incredible pieces.


Pictures: Sergio Aguirre

Candu was really cool with us and allowed us to do a short interview so everyone can meet her, and see what she’s been up to. Here’s our Walyou Interview with Cosplayer Candu Stark!

-Before we get started, Candu Stark… is that a tribute to Tony Stark, or are you a follower of The King in the North from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice And Fire?
-Yes, it’s for Tony Stark. I have sort of a platonic love for that guy [laughs]. Game of thrones, though, you just reminded me that I got to go back to reading!

– What were your first steps like in the cosplay world?
– Well, I started because my former sister-in-law asked me to attend an event with her back in 2006-2007. We improvised a quick cosplay, so to speak, with clothes we already had in our closets, based on the Death Note anime. When I saw what that crazy world was like, I wanted more of it, so I researched a bit and it became a hobby. Although, I was already a freak as a child…


– Tell us about your process: How do you pick your characters, and if you create and design both clothes and accessories.
– Well, to begin with, I always choose a character that impacts me visually, be it from a comic or manga/anime, or even movies. Afterwards, if I’m not already familiar with said production, I begin a revision to study the personality, behavior, and character history… and afterwards I become a fan [laughs]. I don’t like doing cosplay of characters that I know nothing about, because I’d rather transmit the essence behind them.
And yes, I always do the costumes myself, and that is why I refer to myself as a cosmaker besides a cosplayer. There are some accessories and props with which I do require help, because they’re too complex and I don’t have the necessary experience to do them, so I ask my friends to teach me, but everything has the purpose of elevating my skills so I can use them on my next costume.


Pictures: Photographes Sans Frotieres

– Considering what you’ve done up until now, what is your favorite cosplay? Which other characters would you like to do?
My favorite so far would be Mad Moxxi from the Borderlands series. I love the colors, I love her personality, the sex appeal, the Borderlands franchise, it’s a bunch of things!
Right now I’m focusing on Harley Quinn, I want to do a couple more costumes based on her. It’s like, I really like her, performing her is just so much fun. Also, I’m working on some cosplays from my own personal “golden age of gaming” [laughs]. That would be Dino Crisis, and Resident Evil (the early ones).


Picture: Otaku No Baires

– Who are your influences? (Your favorite games, series or comics). How about your favorite cosplayers?
Everything is an influence, I follow many things, and lately, I’ve been doing a lot of video games.
When it comes to cosplayers, I have to say my personal friend Peyton Riley, whose work is pure quality. Also, Eriol Kun, an incredibly talented cosplayer. He’s the best male one, extremely meticulous,  I hope to inherit his hands one day [laughs]. There are also many talented cosplayers from where I’m from, but also a bunch of wannabes. From the international scene, I love Omi Gibson. She’s like a religion to me!


From what I’m seeing in your pictures, you always pick female characters. Have you ever thought about trying a male one, such as Raiden from MGS, or Link from Legend of Zelda?

I actually did try doing crossplay, but my lips are too big and don’t really fit the characters, I think. If it wasn’t because that personal peeve, I would do many of them! Right now I’m working on a Raiden cosplay, but a female version. I don’t know what will come from it, but you will surely see some pictures soon enough :p .


Pictures: Photographes Sans Frontieres

-Do you have any funny stories about seeing your pictures on the Internet, taken by people you don’t know? A “Wow, I’m famous” moment?

-No, no stories like that. I don’t think I’m famous, there are many cosplayers that are so very popular… what does surprise me is the amount of pages that do share the work I do, that makes me happy, makes me want to keep going. I do feel that I’m on the right track.

Kisses and hugs to everybody!

We want to thank Candu Stark for talking with us and sharing her work. Be sure to visit her facebook page if you like what you see, and rest assured, because we will share more of her work in the future.

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