Metal Gear Solid V Is Kojima Production’s Next Game

Hideo Kojima unveils the next chapter to the Metal Gear Solid series at this week’s Game Developer Conference.

Metal Gear Solid V GDC reveal image 1

After months of crazy gamer speculation and bizarre trolling by one of the most influential game designers that centered around a fake game studio, Metal Gear Solid V was officially unveiled at this week’s Game Developers Conference at the onset of a developer’s panel hosted by Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima.

Of course, this news was kind of a given in-part to one heck of hype campaign; we’ve known for months that a new Metal Gear Solid game was in the works with last year’s debut of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, an open-world game that’s apparently set in the pre-Solid Snake, circa 1970s time-line introduced by Metal Gear Solid 3.

But when the trailer for The Phantom Pain was shown during the 2012 Spike’s Video Game Award, it’s scenes of a wounded patient trying to escape an ambushed hospital threw everybody for a loop. If you remember, The Phantom Pain was presented at the awards event as a brand new original IP, and one being made by a never before heard outfit Moby Dick Studios.

Metal Gear Solid V GDC reveal image 2

Those claims though were paper thin against the keen eye  of Internet gumshoes, who quickly figured out what today’s news validated: Moby Dick Studios, their Swedish lead director Joakim Mogren, and The Phantom Pain were nothing but a ruse for the real deal, Metal Gear Solid V.

The fifth entry in the stealth-action series is reported be the first next-gen console game from Kojima Productions to use the studio’s powerful FOX Engine. It’s also an open-world game just like Ground Heroes, which meanwhile will serve as a prologue set 9 years before the start of MGS5 that’s coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime in the near future.

Strangely, conflicting reports from both Kojima and Konami reps say that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is also slated on those current-gen platforms too. I can’t get confirmation on either, so there seems to be quite a bit of confusion between what is what – but hey – that seems to be the typical M.O. for one Hideo Kojima. Especially, in light of this first insane glimpse at the game.

Presumably, we should get more details about Metal Gear Solid V at June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Geeze, new consoles and a new Metal Gear Solid game — talk about hype overkill. We here at Walyou will be covering it though, delivering you the latest gaming news, robotic bartenders, and a whole lot more.