What If Hitchcock Movies Had Been NES Games?

Alfred Hitchcock was a true master, behind movies like Psycho, The Rope or North By Northwest, and gets cool tributes all the time. This one’s special, though. 8 Bit Special.

Hitchcock most active period was around the 50s but, have you ever wondered how different would things have been if he had been famous in the 80s? Most of his movies would have had video game adaptations for the NES, that much we can be sure of. And the artist that goes by the name of Joebot imagines them looking sort of like this.

North By Northwest


The Birds




Joebot will be showing and selling prints of these in April 13th at Gallery 1988 in the Santa Monica area, where a big tribute to Hitchcock is planned. If you’re in the area, don’t miss it. Also, check some other artists rendering stuff from different times in 8 bit art at Modern Goes Old School – 16 Bit Video Game Demakes and 8-Bit Versions of Movie Posters.