Freaking Huge SNES Game Collection Going For $25000

Yes sir, I’m not lying. This is one gaming-related eBay auction unlike the others. Come on in and learn why.

SNES ebay collection image 1

How much is every Super Nintendo game officially released in North America contained in one massive collection worth? According to an online auction that’s currently open for bid on the world’s largest flea-market, eBay, a whopping $25,000.

Whoa, indeed, my astounded compañeros. That’s a whole lot of sweet, sweet moolah to spend on vidjagmaes. Dang, with that much money you could easily bank a kick-ass new car to show off to “da ladies.” But if that’s what you want homes, go for it, I say. YOLO.

Included in this enormous set – and it is enormous, comprising of 4 crates totaling 400lbs – are 721 individual SNES cartridges (again, games only released in the United States, Canada, and Mexico), some complete with game boxes and manuals (about 605 in total concerning the latter) in fair to almost mint condition.

SNES ebay collection image 2

You’re getting everything. EVERYTHING. Including a fair share of hard-to-find gaming jewels– I quickly scanned through the auction’s description and found the rare likes of the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy or Earthbound among the SNES titles being packaged along – that typically fetch a high price individually.

The Internet denizen responsible for this behemoth of an eBay auction – perhaps one of the grandest selling off an entire gaming collection ever seen – is Byuu, a dedicated gaming collector (you’d have to be to amass such a colossal set) and developer of the Bsnes emulator.

Byuu painstakingly went through all his collection and performed a rom dump on every game – in laymen’s terms, basically a straight-through coping – so that, in essence, emulation on Bsnes would be superb. To an enthusiast hobbling in such a field, perfect emulation means everything.

SNES ebay collection image 3

Looking to get a full return on his investment, which will be used to next fund rounding up every PAL territory and then Japanese SNES title, Byuu won’t be haggled into lower his tall starting bid. Not one inch. And he’s got leverage, too. Prices for SNES games have steadily gone up over the past few years, not down.

I’ve only posted a few pictures from Byuu’s SNES collection auction here, although you can see the rest over at eBay and even read through the list of games that are apart of this huge public sale.

As I mentioned earlier (and yes, that second paragraph was a joke, sheesh), I doubt I’ll be biting on this specific set, but I will certainly bite – as you should too, dear reader – on the latest and greatest geek news we’ve got on Walyou, like nerdy needlepoints and geeky Christmas stockings to hang for Jolly St. Nick.