The Humble Bundle: 4 Great Games, You Choose the Price

The Humble Bundle contains 4 great games playable for Android, iOS and PC. You pay what you want, and can help support charity with your purchase.

Four great indie games for the price of “whatever you want”? Sign me up!

That’s right, you can now get 4 great indie games for the price of whatever. According to the main Humble Bundle website, the approximate value for the bundle would be somewhere around $60 if each title was purchased separately. However, when making your purchase, you have access to a fun pay slider which lets you choose how much you want to pay for it and who gets the money, either publisher, developer or charities.

humble bundle pay slide

This is technically the fourth Humble Bundle and, according to some early figures, has already generated more in sales and donations than any of the previous ones. I guess it’s a concept that works!

The titles are available on Linux, iOS, Android and Windows, so you’ve got choices even if you don’t have the fanciest phone out there. Though, these games are clearly designed for smart phones or tablets, so if you have a PC you might not be as keen for games best enjoyed in 5 to 30 minute spurts.

But how good are the games you actually get in the bundle? Each one falls more or less under the puzzle genre, but don’t let that scare you away! They’re addictive, have catchy music and even feature some explosions for all you action hungry fans.

edge extended

Edge Extended is the better sequel to Edge, a game where players navigate towards a goal through increasingly difficult environments. It might sound sort of cheesy, but it’s actually quite fun and addictive in short bursts as you aim for the best times and grades in each level. It also has some of the best retroy 8-bit sounding tunes I’ve heard recently.

anomaly warzone earth

Anomaly: Warzone Earth, despite its bland name, is an interesting take on the tower defense genre, only instead of building towers, you’re trying to navigate your forces through the maze. You choose what creeps to send and plot out their routes using a Rainbow: Six style mission map. Thanks to the incredible amount of planning you can choose to do, each level is massively replayable.

osmos game play

Osmos is an odd little game where players control a glowing mote and navigate around the screen absorbing other motes in order to get bigger and absorb the large target that floats around each stage. The catch is that when you move you become smaller so you always have to time your absorbs or risk getting wrecked by suddenly larger motes. It wasn’t really my favorite here, but hey at least it’s part of the bundle.

world of goo

The fourth and final game is the brilliant World of Goo, where players have to build increasingly complex structures made entirely out of little balls of Goo. Your goo sticks to other balls of goo, so it’s kind of like your designing a tower made out of gum. Don’t build too fast or it will all come crumbling down. What’s really nice about this game is the art style and awesome music which changes constantly as you progress the game.