12 Ridiculous Things Made Out Of Sushi

Listed below are some of the most ridiculous things made of sushi, which proves that there is more to the Japanese delicacy,  than it finding its way to your stomach. Look past its epicurean goodness and you will realize how it can be used in creative endeavors as well.

Sushi USB Drives

Ditch the Kingston and the Sandisk for the Sushi!  These Sushi USB drives will be a rage among the foodies or anyone who liked tech that is weird.

Sushi Slippers

Crocs are so passe and now you can be comfortable by embracing your love for everything Japanese. These sushi slippers are handmade and can be purchased from Etsy!

Obama Face

Doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, chances are you will enjoy the Obama Face Sushi and turn it into a collector item. Yes, you can!

Sushi Christmas Tree

Yes, there is still time for Christmas, but next time you go tree shopping, get the Sushi Tree. After all, it is more environmental friendly and you can eat it too at the after party.

Sushi Tire Cover

Montreal sushi franchise Yuzu Sushi ensures that you always crave sushi, when you are on the road.

Chocolate Sushi

We love chocolate, we love sushi, so how can we resist chocolate sushi?

Finding Nemo

Next time you take a bite, just remember you may be biting into lovable Nemo. If you are macabre enough to enjoy that thought, then Finding Nemo Sushi is the perfect snack.

Vincent Van Sushi

We are pretty sure that Van Gogh would have cut his other ear as well, if he had come across the sushi reproduction of his “Sunflowers”.

Poochie Sushi

Why should only us humans get to enjoy Sushi? Get Poochie Sushi for your pampered pooch and see him salivate.

LEGO Sushi

“Big Daddy” Nelson creatively meshes his love for sushi and LEGO and the result is for you to see.

Sushi Tech Art

I am more of a Mac person, but the Windows Sushi computer is quite neat. Also, no one will ever have to face the dreaded blue death of screen.

Star Wars Sushi

Simply Darthsidious mmm we mean delicious. The Darth Vader Sushi is very popular in a galaxy far far away.