6 Video Game Cocktails To Celebrate The New Year

If you’re looking for geeky drink ideas for your New Year’s celebration, how about these six excellent video game-minded cocktails.

Uncharted 3 Drink Image 1

New Year’s Eve — a time of reflection, a time of putting aside past grievances, and a time for getting your “drink on”, as the cool kids say. And for those of us of the geeky persuasion, you’ll be happy to learn that not only can you do so come this December 31st, but, in a manner most fitting with these video game inspired cocktails by James Dance.

James Dance being the owner Loading, a gaming bar located across the pond in Falmouth, South England. Being an establishment where you can both game and get a buzz on at the same time, certainly Mr. Dance knows his way around a good alcoholic beverage; in fact, he’s personally mixed up specialty cocktails for both Capcom and Electronic Arts events in London.

Now through the United Kingdom publication, The Guardian, Dance has brilliantly concocted six video game inspired cocktails centered on the hottest games of 2011: starting with an Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception cocktail (pictured above), humorously entitled Uncharted 3: Drinks Deception, which involves Ginger beer, Goldschlager, and lit matches to put you in the treasure-hunting spirit (or “spirits” if you want to take the pun route, heh.)

Skyrim Drink Image 1

Looking for something that won’t burn a whole through your stomach like a bowl of Krusty-O’s, there’s flesh-eating bacteria in every box, then how about an Elderflower Scrolls: Skyyrum cocktail! Obviously based on the latest — possibly game-of-the-forever — release of Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, this drink is delightfully sweet with its combination of Skyy vanilla vodka, spiced rum, and a orange peel — oh don’t worry fellas, it’s Skyrim, so it’s totally still manly if your drink this.

The Portal Shooter Image 1

My favorite, though, out of all six cocktails would have to be The Portal Two. Which, just like that Portal Christmas tree we showed a while back, are both amazingly created to resemble the two colored portals from the dimensional-hopping sci-fi puzzler; although this beverage-y interpretation uses a bright neon orange and blue liquid, made with both Blue Curacao and Orangina separately, that’s topped with similar-colored sugar rims for fantastic added effect.

To see the rest of James Dance’s other greatly-inspired video game cocktails, which include alcoholic takes on LA Noire, Batman:Arkham City, and Modern Warfare 3, head over to The Guardian post haste, mate. Also don’t forget as a friendly reminder because we want you all to be safe and happy on New Year’s Eve — please drink responsibly, okay? Cool.

Now, if drinks of this type aren’t your thing, but WayBack machine looks at young video game legends in the making are, why not see this old Nintendo picture book from Japan shows a rare photo of a fresh-faced Shigeru Miyamoto.