Time-Lapse Videos Show Gundam Statues Built Under A Beautiful Night Sky

Check out these two really cool YouTube videos of the famous Gundam statues being built in Japan.

Gundam Statue At Night Sky Image

Boy, Japan sure does love themselves some Gundam. For more than three decades, the cartoon series about giant humanoid-robots fighting militaristic space battles has been a colossal mega-hit in it’s native land (umm, elsewhere not so much…), a fevered love that’s cause the Japanese people to erect multiple¬†1/1-scale Gundam statues at Tokyo’s Odaiba Island over the past couple of years.

The first of which in July of 2009, then again the following summer, and more recently in March of last year. All three times the statues were built, they instantly became popular attractions with the public — and I could definitely see why. These aren’t just measly stone-recreations of their favorite robots from the show, the Gundam statues all had working lights and moveable arms and a turn-able head.

Basically they were overgrown plastic model kits, the kind you might pick up at a hobby shop, if hobby shops were still around. Heck, even the assembly of these hulking Japanese mechs is almost toy-like, as perfectly evident in these two time-lapsed videos I present you today. Not only do they awesomely capture the construction of these Gundam statues, but serenely under an Odaiba Island starry sky.

While we’re on the subject of cool things from our friends from the land of the rising sun (you’re okay too China, what with your beautifully designed Chinese New Year Dragons), did you know that game-maker Capcom is opening up its own bar in the Shinjuku area? Amazingly, the bar is serving wacky menu items based off some of their more popular games. I hope you like brains!