iClooly Brings Back the Handheld Telephone to iPhone Generation

If you had been waiting for the iPhone 5 to arrive, here is something to make your wait a little more bearable. The iClooly looks like an old telephone with a vintage cord and is a kick-ass iPhone dock.

What makes the iClooly really badass is that it can charge your iPhone and also deceive you into thinking you are hanging around with an old telephone from the 80s. It is being touted as a new way to use your mobile phone at home or office. One could be sure to generate a lot of talk in the office about how annoying it was back in those days when one had to deal with messy wires and cords that telephones came with.

Some of you might never even have used a telephone with a cord and this iPhone dock will bring back the history in a way that is not uncool. The iClooly can be used with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and also the iPod Touch models. It can even be used with other wireless cellphones with 3.5 mm headphone plugs but iClooly would surely lose its good looks if you used a bulky cellphone with it. In fact, it defeats the purpose of using the iClooly if you used a Smartphone that is not as sleek as the iPhone.

The coolest thing is, when you use the iClooly with an iPhone, you would not have to pair it and it provides you with an amazing audio quality and clarity. Moreover, you could watch the screen of your iPhone when you are talking to someone on your own phone, thanks to iClooly. It would indeed be a cool way to surprise your guests by pretending that you are so old-skool that you actually use a handheld telephone in place of a modern Smartphone. Of course, eventually it would develop into a conversation and if you are bad at making conversations, iClooly would help you with that as well.

The product also comes with 4 silicone non-slip pads that helps the stand from slipping. When you are on a call, you can easily browse the net, use your apps and do whatever you usually do with your phone when you are not talking. The most important benefit that I can see from an iClooly is that it would reduce the amount of radiation you would be subjected to. iClooly costs $39.99 and comes with a connection cable and an aluminium stand. You could also take a look at iShuttr, which turns your iPhone into a professional camera. The i-FlashDrive allows you to transfer file between your computer and iPhone.