Stellar Icons of Sci-Fi Female Characters

Bow before your new saints: women who turned science fiction cinema into an unforgettable experience through their roles.

The following 7 illustrations are part of the Stellar series by Jska Priebe, a Las Vegas-based freelance artist who drew a lot of inspiration from her favorite films and animations. The Stellar series is a tribute to female characters from sci-fi films and series that proved to be very influential, in time.

Ripley with Baby Alien reminded me of another famous icon: The Flying Spaghetti Monster with Raptor Jesus, which in turn is inspired by another icon featuring you know who. In the Alien film series, such a relationship would have been impossible, though. Last year, Ellen Ripley topped the list of the Best Female Characters made by Total Film, a British film magazine. Mind you, this is not the only proof that Ripley’s character was brilliant.

Rachael is the girl the Blade Runner fell in love with. Eventually, she turned out to be a replicant, which is not always a disappointing fact. Remarkable in the movie, adorable as a holy figure in  Jska Priebe’s illustration, with a holy owl above her head and an open pendant.

There would have been no Terminator without Sarah Connor. Well, actually there would have been no John Connor without her. In this illustration, she is depicted resting upon Arnold’s… erm… I mean the Terminator’s head, with a lit cigarette in her other hand.

Trinity may not have been among my favorite character in the Matrix film series, but she does play an essential role in the whole plot. Holy Trinity (pun intended) holds the red pill in one hand, probably waiting for The One to down it.

Leeloo Dallas seems far less dangerous in this illustration than in the film. She has one hand open, probably to remind us all that there are five elements.

River Tam amazed anyone who watched Firefly with her intelligence and athletic build. She is not only very skilled at hand-to-hand combat, but also a very good sharp-shooter. In this illustration? Quite tame, I would say.

Last, but certainly not least, is Kara Thrace, one of the main characters from the Battlestar Galactica series. As she has been described as “one of television’s most complex, ever-evolving characters”, it’s easy to understand why she made Jska Priebe’s list.

If you want any of the above illustrations printed, they are available at Priebe’s store, in 18″x24″ for $100 and 11″x14″ for $20. Only 50 signed and numbered examples have been made in the bigger format, so hurry up, if want one of those.

Oh, and here’s what you have to say before bedtime:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray Riley my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
Bless me Rachael my soul to take.

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