If Star Wars Characters Had Cats

Griz and Norm Lemay are feature animation artists at Walt Disney Animation Studio, and besides having a day job, they do some wonderful stuff on Instagram, which includes doing some fantastic mashup art of Star Wars characters and cats.

They don’t just make great art. They’re excellent when it comes to picking the right cat for the specific character they’ve drawn up, which is just as important of a talent in order to make the perfect drawing as the act of creating them itself.


While BB-8 isn’t a cat (I think), it seems that cats love him. Does this mean he’s secretly evil? Or that he’s simply capable of turning even the most devilish of creatures in the galaxy?

It is known: If you park your car and don’t move it, some cat is going to take over it’s roof or hood. So with R2-D2 in something of hibernation mode to start ‘The Force Awakens’, it’s not very surprising to find a cat sleeping on his shiny dome.

Rey isn’t annoying like the DC Comics Cat-Woman, but there are definitely some similar traits. She picked up some pretty cool sidekicks along the way since running into BB-8 on Jakoo, so why not another one, and a Bengal cat no less.

Princes Leia and her fluffy kitty. #griz #grizandnorm #kittycatclub #starwars #fanart #princess #leia #fluffy #cat #kitty A photo posted by Griz and Norm Lemay (@grizandnorm) on

The younger version of Princess Leia (not the jaded general we meet in Episode VII) seems like she needs a lively, beautiful cat around her as they feed of each other’s beauty. The older version of Leia? She’s probably sitting alone at home with some scruffy looking cats, thinking about some depressing stuff, which you know what they are if you’ve already seen the film.

I guess Padme is the queen Cleopatra of the Star Wars universe. I don’t know what it says about Anakin and about cats in general, but the artist picked out the perfect feline for her.

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Hat Tip / Griz and Norm Instagram