The Best Fan Art of 2015

It’s that time of year again – For us to choose the best fan art bestowed upon the world in 2015, with the inspiration coming from video games, movies, TV shows, books, comic books and anything else you might think of.

The big stand out stars: A nice little tribute to the man behind Spock, Sonic the Hedgehog running on empty, a brilliant take on Fight Club, a perfect alternative poster for Jaws and something special for Samurai Jack fans.

One With the Universe / AlectorFencer

One with the Universe

Spidey Reunited / MauricioAbril

Spidey Reunited

Shell of a Hedgehog / jflaxman

Shell of a Hedgehog

Moe’s Tavern / Soposoposopo

Moe's Tavern

Doc – Back to the Future / jdelgado

Doc - Back to the Future

Hanna Barbardians of the Galaxy / JayFosgitt

Hanna Barbardians of the Galaxy

Fight Club / piratebutl23

Fight Club

Jaws, Still Hungry / cobaltplasma

Jaws Still Hungry

Metroid / RobinWouters


AKU! / ChasingArtwork


Earthworm Jim Revisited / cobaltplasma

Earthworm Jim Revisited

Jake, From State Farm / Darkagnt210

Jake From State Farm

Edo Period Jedi / artofjosevega

Edo Period Jedi

Johnny Bravo / sakimichan

Johnny Bravo

The Neverending Story / Shilesque

The Neverending Story

Yoshi / Cryptid-Creations


The Ice King / chasestone

The Ice King

The IT Crowd / chillyfranco

The IT Crowd

What’s up Doll / sakimichan

What's up Doll

Louise the Deadly Wanderer / bhavbhav

Louise The Deadly Wanderer

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