New Moto X 2016 Details Leaked

Motorola like to surprise users and the general public with leaks and details about upcoming devices, and today we have the new Moto X, which is coming in 2016. Read all the details in this feature!

Moto X 2016 Leak 1

2015 was the year of leaks, especially allegedly “accidental” leaks, something Motorola has been doing with a few of their devices such as the second generation Moto 360, not that long ago. Still, this is a really interesting situation as the Moto X is still a fantastic device and not all that old that it would deserve a new version this soon in its life cycle. Despite this, the rumor mill of the internet doesn’t care for reasons, and here we have a few new pictures of the new Moto X 2016 via our friends at PhoneDog.

Moto X 2016 Leak 2

It all started with a couple of images that appeared at the Chinese website cnBeta in which, according to the author, we can see a prototype of the new generation of Moto X smartphones. In it we can appreciate a metallic frame with a rear speaker and volume keys, with buttons on the right side (when seeing it from the front). Also, we see empty space where users will be able to put a round shaped camera, similar to what the Lumia 950 XL did, but keeping the traditional Motorola design that sort of looks like a flat tire. The theory says this is where the flash will go.

The original post claims this is not a finished design, but one of the many prototypes Motorola are considering. They also are talking about a Snapdragon 820 processor to power up everything, although there is no real and conclusive proof of this as of now. Still, the prospect is exciting.

Still, the defining feature of this model seems to be the rear speaker, which might indicate the end of the traditional front speakers seen in the Moto X series. As of now, these are nothing but rumors, and knowing that it is one of many prototypes, we need to consider this might be only a proof of concept or an option you can pick with Moto Maker. Whatever the case may be, we need to wait to get any kind of confirmation.

Via Phonedog

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