Play Over 2000 Classic MS-DOS Games on the Internet Archive

With the Internet Archive adding over 2000 MS-DOS games to its library, the productivity of workers all around the world should be dropping significantly in the near future, because is going to pass over a chance to spend hours on Prehistorik 2 again?


So what is the Internet Archive? It’s pretty much like a huge online repository filled with snapshots of websites called the Wayback Machine, allowing you to see how certain things have changed over the years on the Internet.

But there’s more to this than just viewing nostalgia. You can also be part of it, and start playing all those games you did as a child. There’s nothing new about old games being on the Internet, but there’s a difference between downloading them to your computer and play on emulators or after making certain adjustments (through sites like Abandonia) and getting such a huge collection available on a mainstream website, making it easier for those less familiar with every corner of old-school gaming on the web.

So what is there to play? Pretty much everything. From the frustrating Oregon trail to Street Fighter II, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake and others from pretty much every possible genre.

It’s not Far Cry 4 or Skyrim, but it can be just as fun, maybe even more, even if the graphics aren’t as good.

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