Netflix Announces ‘Recommended TV’ To Tell You Which TV To Buy

As consumers begin to watch television in new ways, Netflix has revealed plans to help you buy the best TV for your streaming interests.

Netflix on TV

To put it simply: Netflix is an absolutely juggernaut in the world of television. Unlike the days of yonder in which we’d have to fork out several hundred dollars, euros or pounds for boxsets of our favourite TV shows, Netflix allows us to binge watch with just the click of a mouse of the press of a button, all for the cost of a large cup of coffee.

And with the popularity of shows like Orange is the New Black, the streaming service is forcing traditional television networks to make better, more interesting and more diverse television shows. Which means that average comedies with one dimensional characters aren’t going to cut it.

Netflix’s increasing dominance in the field also means that we factor the service in when making future purchases such as the speed of our Internet provider and the screen quality on our phones and laptops. It makes sense then that Netflix will soon launch ‘Recommended TVs’ then, to let Netflix subscribers know which TV suits the streaming service best.

That new plan was announced by Netflix’s chief of streaming and partnerships, Greg Peters, at CES 2015 (the electronics trade show that’s currently taking place in Las Vegas). Recommend TVs’ recommendations will be put together once Netflix determines whether a TV’s Internet connectivity and its upscaling are suitable for their streamed content. However, it’s currently unclear just how users will receive those recommendations.

Sony Netflix CES 2015

Peters gave a particular nod to LG’s TVs, explaining that on their screens Netflix can stream in HDR (high dynamic range) which makes for whiter whites, darker blacks and a more realistic picture whilst LG’s ColorPrime and quantum-dot display tech also helps improve picture colour. And LG wasn’t the only TV maker to get a thumbs up as Peters showed up at the Sony press conference later in the day to say nice things about them too. Sony’s new TVs will be built with Internet connectivity from the get-go rather than as an add on.

Furthermore, some Recommended TVs will simply have a Netflix button on their remotes. Pressing this button will take you right to Netflix and let you start streaming right away. This sounds like a brilliant idea although some would argue that if Netflix is partnering up with these television makers, surely these companies’ TVs will unfairly get ‘recommended’ labels, even if they’re not up to scratch? Or perhaps Netflix will only partner up with TVs that will most definitely be great?

That’s some murky water right there and information is currently quite thin on the ground. As ever though, we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Mashable

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