Mario Game Boy Paint Job: Graffiti Style

Who says Gameboys are out of style? One artist gave his aging handheld a new life with a fresh Mario graffiti-style paint job.

gameboy paint job mario

Ah yes, I remember the good old days when owning a handheld gaming console was the equivalent of keeping a brick in your back pocket. Nintendo’s original Game Boy was one heck of a clunker, but at least it was built to last.

It’s nice to see that not everyone has discarded their old hardware and moved on. According to our source, creative artist Oskunk got his hands on an old Game Boy and gave his a pretty sweet custom paint job.

gameboy mushroom paintjob

On the front of this Game Boy, we’ve got Mario in one of his iconic poses, jumping over the head of a Goomba, while being lazily chased by a Koopa. On the back, there’s a massive red and white Mushroom, matching the color scheme that the artist chose to go with.

custom game boy mario paint job

All in all, I really like the style that the artist picked, that old-school, dripping wet graffiti design. It definitely makes me think of the late 80s early 90s when these devices were king in the school yards, and it seemed like everyone needed one to be hip.

I would really like to know if the Game Boy itself still works. Most of those things were nearly indestructible, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. I definitely wouldn’t mind revisiting the old Mario and Zelda games that were released for it; they were every bit as classic as their NES counterparts were.

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