iPad Price Guide: The Quick Comparison of Apple’s Hot Item [Chart]

The Apple iPad can seemingly do just about everything – or at least that’s the excuse people use to buy it. But just how much are iPad users spending and what exactly are they getting?

This iPad Price guide gives a quick overview of how the various price points of the iPad compare.

For the full package, a 4G connection and 64 gigabyte capacity, you’ll be paying a grand total of $829 for the iPad 2.  To grab the most basic  one available, it “only” $399 … but you’ll only be able to use it through a Wi-Fi connection and no more than 16GB of the good stuff.

So, which one will you be getting? Or are you waiting for the new iPad, which features an improved retina display, a 5 megapixel camera and voice dictation?

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