NES Case Mod for Battle Kid Fans

A long time ago when the world of gaming was nascent, and my generation was quiet nascent itself, NES or the Nintendo Entertainment System was released. That was way back in 1985, when the 8 bit video game console almost took the world by story.

What happened after that is something that we already know. Video games can be played on almost every cellphone, and consoles are so advanced that they simulate reality so well that objects appear more real than reality, if such a thing were possible. Nevertheless, in spite of all the high tech, and uber-chic gadgets flying all around us, some of us still have a sense of nostalgia for 8-bit video game consoles and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that there were some really kick-ass games to be played on the NES. One such game is the Battle Kid: Fortress of peril. Though released in February 2010, almost 25 years after NES was released, Battle Kid is available on an actual cartridge.

It is not clear why Sivak Games decided to take this route, but it just shows that there is a huge market out there for cartridge-based games, and a lot of people take NES style 8-bit gaming pretty seriously. Nostalgia or serious vintage game fetish, NES continues to remain popular among gaming circles. An example could be Levirules3’s NES mod which looks snazzy, chic and very contemporary. In fact, someone who has never seen an NES and has only played video games on an iPhone or computer would be totally impressed with his modded NES. The LED lights, the paint job, and all the hard work really shows on the case mod, and it could just be what one needed to play Battle Kid.

The modder had no previous knowledge of what LEDs are and how one could attach them. In spite of that shortcoming, he went ahead to replace the power LED and replaced it with a yellow LES and more LEDs were added to the window in order to make the question mark glow. With the help of spray painting, the modder was able to give the NES a really smooth and glossy finish, and with the help of a red marker, he did the lettering as well. At the end of the day, this has to be one of the most impressive and nostalgia-inducing case mods of our times. Of course, if you like Battle Kid, you could go ahead and mod an old NES to similar effects as well! You could also go ahead and take a look at the Nintendo 64 Case Mod and SNES Game Mock-ups, about which we had written sometime back.