Taposé Brings True Split Screen To The iPad

Since the iPad has been released there have been plenty of products that sought to actually improve on what the device could do out of the box.  To some respect, Apple itself has worked at making the iPad’s functionality better since its inception.

Of course at times the iPad seems to fall short of what it could truly do as a powerful and the most popular tablet on the market.  There are other tablets out there that offer the kind of functions that would make Apple devotees jealous, such as one tablet that is actually powered by touch but for the most part the iPad brings enough form and function to keep users happy.  The fact that the iPad allows people to actually run apps in the background after spending so much time not doing so is proof positive that improvement is sought.  Sometimes the improvement is sought outside of Apple like the way some have found a way to turn the device into a giant iPhone.

Another way to make the iPad work even better for its users is still in the formulation stages but it appears it is headed down the track.  With Taposé, users will actually be able to have the true ability to split the screen and multitask the way that people cannot do quite yet without this brand new app.

Taposé will put a virtual black bar on the screen for the iPad that can then be moved around that screen so that you can split the iPad’s screen for multi-tasking any way you want.  This will allow you to surf the web on one side of the divider while taking notes or writing an article on the other side without having to flip through one app or another to get the job done.  Like so many of the best products coming out in the tech world have been lately, this particular app was first put out there on the website Kickstarter and has proven to be quite successful, as the two guys working on Taposé have actually gotten much more backing than they had hoped.  Taposé is expected to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 when it goes live in the app store later this year.