Withings Unveils Smart Activity Tracker for the Health Conscious

If you are a health conscious person or a hypochondriac, you already must have various gadgets that help you keep track of your vitals.

To add to the list of your health related gadgets, here are two cool gadgets that were announced at the CES 2013. Withings announced the Smart Activity Tracker, which measures the number of steps you have taken, calories burned also how well you slept the previous night. If you press the back of the device with your finger for 15 seconds, it will also tell you your heart rate. What’s more, you can go ahead and sync all this data through Bluetooth to any device of your choice.

Smart Body Analyzer is yet another device by the same company which allows you to measure your weight and heart rate. It is a great gadget that tells you where you are going wrong and encourages you to exercise often so that you remain healthy.

These gadgets can be very useful unless you are obsessive about your health, which is a sign of mental illness more than physical ailments. However, it is certainly a great idea to go ahead and get these gadgets that will keep you all rosy cheeked and healthy. The Smart Body Analyzer costs $150 and is a great gift for someone who is always worried about their ill health.

There are also other health related gadgets but I wonder when these products will be released and how much it will cost to buy them, as that information is not available at the moment. You can also go ahead and take a look at this Health Screening Urinal, if you are a man. The Timex Health Touch Watch is another great gadget for those who are worried about falling sick. I guess, these gadgets are enough to help people to remain healthy and make healthy lifestyle choices.