12 Awesome Game of Thrones Mashups

Game of Thrones mania isn’t going away. After the fantastic premiere of Season 2 (based on the A Clash of Kings novel from the A Song of Ice and Fire Series), those of you who actually have HBO Go can watch the second episdoe. Or you can do something illegal (wink, wink).

As with every awesome geeky phenomenon on the internet, one of the nine stages of popularity is getting the mashup stage, which has certainly gone overboard during the wait between the two seasons and in a more underground way years before, when it was only about books fans. Anyway, when the Simpsons and the Muppets notice you, you’re mainstream, or lamestream as Sarah Palin calls it.

The Expanded House Stark

Jon Snow, despite being the son of Ned Stark (or is he… for those R+L = J lovers).

More Tony Stark

So what would be a more efficient weapon in Westeros? Dany’s dragons or the Iron Man suit?

The Simpsons Take on the Matter

Springfield’s Landing.

The Muppets in Armor

The muppets were mashing up with everything a few months ago, when their film was making it’s way to the cinemas across the land.

My Little Pony and GOT

Probably wouldn’t really take off. But Daenerys eating the hearts of a Pony?

Daenerys in Easy A

Random People on the Iron Throne

The NBA Crossover Effect

The 8-Bit Version

Starscream on the Iron Throne

The most deprived decepticon in history, who deserves to lead but has to suffer under the tyranny of Megatron or Galvatron, depends on the season, would make an awesome ruler of the 7 kingdoms.