Awesome Geeky Iron Man Sculpture Made from Clay

Check out this awesome, and geeky, Iron Man sculpture that one artist made from some modelling clay and a whole lot of creativity.

iron man art complete

According to our source, the piece was created by a certain Rich Page, a dedicated geek like us, who’s no small stranger to mixing superheroes and art together.

He’s attended numerous Comic Con events, showing off his paitings, drawings and other pieces. He also offers tutorials that have found their way to publication, showing how to create projects like some of the ones he’s worked on.

iron man art sculpture

In the past he’s worked on tons of sculptures, either based off super heroes or other pop culture icons and putting his own spin on them.

Our friend Iron Man here looks like he was made from modelling clay and chiselled out with a scalpel, before finally having the paint and colour applied at the end of the process. What makes this sculpture so special is just how different it is from the usual bevy of superhero related art.

Iron man looks tall and lanky, and a little bit depressed, if anything. His muscular suit patterns and chest have been replaced by a flat, rectangular body, that when looked at from the front kind of seems like it’s a dopey face. Also, the fact that Iron Man’s kind of just hanging there, attached to a crane, paints him in a totally different like.

iron man clay art stages

This sure isn’t the Tony Stark we know from the movies.

I suppose what I like most about this piece is the mood it sets. Having a calm, quiet Iron Man like this would make a great piece to keep at home by the computer in the home office, and give yourself something to distract you from time to time.

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