Jabba the Hutt Cake Is Obnoxious Yet Edible

Jabba the hutt Star Wars Cake

The ‘greasy, insect ridden flesh’ of Jabba the Hutt will now be ‘edible’, thanks to the baking skills of a Star Wars fan, also known as the creator of this rather gross-looking cake. Based on the obnoxious creature of the Star Wars franchise, the Jabba cake is perhaps not a great idea for a food item. However, we would stop short of making judgment calls, for who knows…there might be a diehard enthusiast willing to put his fork and knife into this culinary aberration.

Jabba the Hutt, in the Star Wars series, is a major antagonist, having tried to get Luke Skywalker bumped off, kidnapped Princess Organa, and setting his cohorts after Solo. Now that is one impressive record for a ‘brain-less’ (if images speak the truth) blob of slush. For cake lovers, well, the Jabba recipe is quite harmless. So, if you can close your eyes and take a whiff of the wonderful aroma (we would like to believe that), it will soon find its way into your gut. We shouldn’t be biased with food, should we? Those who wish to bake something similar can get instructions from Mr. Shell.

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Via: Geekstir