Jet Engine Trike

Jet engines are awesome. Motorcycles are awesome. If someone found a way to combine the two, the result would be the most awesome thing in the history of awesome things. Well, someone has.

Dilligaf Slick has built a motortrike with a jet engine, the Colossus. Although you generally only see small children pedaling their human-powered counterparts, if you get a good look at the picture you can see that he doesn’t look like a guy you want to mess with. It really looks like something out of “Mad Max.”

Jet-powered motortrike

His jet engine even comes complete with an afterburner. You can see a video of him testing the jet engine and setting a tree in his backyard on fire. Don’t try this at home, kids!

It’s pretty cool to see Slick driving this around, though. It seems to contain a regular engine for driving on the roads. (I doubt that jet engines are street-legal.) The video’s only in Russian, though, or at least in some other Slavic language. Any Russian speakers willing to translate for us?

“You have to keep away from it five minutes after I turn the engine off because there are 800 amps going through it and the engine reaches temperatures of 400 degrees,” Slick said. Whether that’s Fahrenheit or Celsius, I’m definitely keeping well clear of that engine.

Slick says he’s been offered “over six figures” to buy his creation, but he doesn’t seem to want to part with his baby. I definitely wouldn’t if I’d built something as awesome as this jet-engine bike. I imagine the fuel costs must be enormous. Not only does he have to buy gas for the regular engine, he has to use jet fuel for the jet engine. Fuel costs are why the airlines are charging you just to get a small bag of peanuts that used to be free and for checking your bags.

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Via: Gizmowatch