Jet Set Radio Arriving Digitally This Summer, PSN, XBLA, PC

Get set for Sega’s Jet Set Radio. Grinding onto digital platforms this very summer.

Jet Set Radio Digital Image 1

In the modern era, no video game – perhaps other than Nintendo’s Earthbound – has been the most requested for a re-release than Jet Set Radio. The Sega Dreamcast game has long been a cult favorite amongst gamers, featuring a ultra hip cell-shaded art style, a superb soundtrack (DAT SOUNDTRACK!), and a highly addictive gameplay centered on in-line skating and graffiti tagging.

Well no more whining fanboys, because come this summer (no solid date yet) Sega is giving want you finally want with the digital re-release of Jet Set Radio. A high-definition remake of the game – you heard right – is headed for the Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network, and PC, as announced by Sega recently, welcoming back renegade skater Beat and the rest of the GG’s as they try to be top dog in futuristic Tokyo-to.

Jet Set Radio Digital Image 2

Some people often like to throw charges towards Sega of being uncaring to their past creations, but I contend those loudly doing so haven’t been looking closely at the House of Sonic’s recent output.

In December 2011, they released a enhanced port of Sonic the Hedgehog CD on all digital platforms that was quite notably impressive – having a range of options like dual Japanese/American soundtracks and Tails (who isn’t available in the original Sega CD version at all) as a playable character.

Here’s hoping Sega does the same for Jet Set Radio, which honestly deserves a worthy remastering treatment. These first few screenshots might not be from the final build, as noted in the bottom-left corner, but they look promising to my eyes. I can’t wait for the game, personally (between you and me, I never played it…), and will totally be checking the game out when it hits.

Jet Set Radio Digital Image 3

Artists and fans of Jet Set Radio should head over to the official website for Jet Set Radio, to find info about a great upcoming contest that will let them get a chance at designing eighteen brand new pieces of in-game graffiti art. And of course, there will be prizes a plenty for doing so.

You don’t get any prizes for keeping it here on Walyou, but honestly, when you see stuff like this cool NERF Steampunk sniper rifle or these 10 amazing army robots isn’t that enough? (Nod with me.) Exactly!