Jimi Hendrix Mosaic Made of Guitar Picks

Jimi Hendrix is often described as the greatest electric guitarist in history, and he’s certainly been an influential figure in the development of various genres of popular music. This mosaic made entirely out of guitar plectrums is a tribute to his musical achievements.

Hendrix Pick Art 1

This piece of art was made from over 5000 Fender guitar picks, a brand commonly associated with Hendrix, as he often played their guitars at the peak of his career. Having died at the age of 27 from an accidental overdose, Hendrix is often viewed as a tragic figure in music history. This aspect of him is reflected in the fact that this art piece was actually made to be auctioned off for Cancer Research UK – in fact, it ended up selling for £23,000, surpassing its guide price of £12,000-16,000 by a considerable amount.

The mosaic captures the familiar look of the black and white glamour photographs that documented his early career. However, it goes beyond the typical black and white spectrum by using picks that come in a wide range of colours for an overall look that is subtly colourful and richly textured. For example, instead of just using black for the hair, the artist used a mix of navy blue, green and purple, with some vibrant magenta, cyan and even pink picks thrown in as highlights.

Hendrix Pick Art 2

While evoking a distinctly modern look, this mosaic draws heavy inspiration from the pointillism movement of the late 1880s, where contrasting dots of colour are placed side by side to trick the mind of the viewer into seeing a full range of tones. When seen from up close, the guitar pick mosaic doesn’t look like much of anything, but from a distance, the figure of Jimi Hendrix clearly emerges.

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Via: Guitarist Hub and Lancashire Telegraph