Angry Birs Are Not Forumulaic: They’re Just In Formula 1

The all-encompassing video game Angry Birds keeps expanding further, and further, and now have just gotten to Heikki Kovalainen helmet. That’s right: Angry Birds are in Formula 1!

The Formula 1 just started last weekend, and Rovio has signed a deal with Formula One driver Heikki Kovalainen for a special something. The driver’s helmet for the 2012 season will have the Angry Birds logo, and the red bird’s features! It sort of makes sense, as Kovalainen and the developers of the video game are all Finnish, so it’s all a natural fit.


This is part of a major strategy from Rovio, who are experimenting with branching the Angry Birds franchise, and add value. As a part of the ongoing campaign they are currently working on, there’s also a major theme park in Finland that will soon enough open an entire section called Angry Birds Land. This, added to the success of the recently launched Angry Birds Space are further proof of the brand growth, and how Rovio seems to be doing things right. Congratulations to them!

Source: Pocket Lint

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