Katamari Damac-ize Any Webpage

In case you’ve never had the privilege of ever playing Namco’s quirky concept game Katamari Damacy, now you can get the general idea with this Katamari Hack. The story behind the game is pretty convoluted and insignificant to the actual game-play. It’s about a prince on a mission to rebuild the constellations, stars and the moon by replacing them with these adhesive and amorphous blobs called Katamari.

Katamari Damacy

So this Prince comes to our pale blue dot of a planet and starts setting these Katamaris out onto the world. As they roll around, everything smaller than the Katamari stick to it, slowly making them bigger and bigger and at a certain point, once the Katamaris are big enough, the Prince places them in the sky. Overall, the game was named a “sleeper hit” (the kind of game that doesn’t involve too much actual playing) and was rewarded for its clever design.

ANYWAY, what this post is really supposed to be about is this really cool hack inspired by the game brought to you by Kathack.com. The hack turns any webpage that you might be on, into a simulated Katamari game.

Walyou Before Katamari Lands

Walyou After Katamari Ruins Everything

The hack turns everything, pictures and text, on whatever webpage you might be on, into seperate objects. A little panel pops up that lets you change a few settings, like color of the Katamari, and the number of objects that will stick to it. You might want to consider turning off the sound too since the musical loop is only about twenty seconds long and will drive you nuts unless you like incessant Japanese childrens’ voices. The Katamari will pop up somewhere on your screen and will start moving towards your mouse wherever you start clicking the right mouse-button.

Every individual “object” it rolls over will stick to your Katamari and as it rolls over more things, just like in the game, it will start to get bigger and bigger. You can change the number of objects that can potentially stick to the Katamari to a maximum of nine-thousand different objects. I should warn you that if you’re using a slow computer, you might notice some lag time.

Katamari Can’t be Stopped

I recommend using bookmarking the hack so that you can turn it on casually whenever you feel like spicing up you’re browsing experience.

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Via: KatHack