Mind-Blowing Batman and Spider-Man Munny Concepts

If you’ve been looking for new, unique comic book collectibles, VISEone may have created one of the coolest new things. As part of a commission, he made these custom Spider-Man and Batman Munny dolls that are absolutely stunning.

A Munny Doll is basically a blank template, a big-headed, round-bodied figure which can be painted or otherwise modified. This artist seems to have gone beyond mere painting, however, making two really awesome and unique dolls representing two of the most popular comic book characters. Each of these Munnies is modified to look like its respective hero, but much of the surface is also ‘broken’, as if the figures were partially shattered. Beneath, fortunately, is no morbid sight of muscles and organs but instead a collage of comic book art from the 70s featuring that particular comic book character.

I’m not sure what method was used to create these, but it looks like it couldn’t have been easy. My assumption would be that the comic book images overlay the Munny template itself, and the outside layer was added over it. Whether this is the case or not, however, the illusion is more that pieces were chiseled off of the outside to give view to the comic books within.

What I find even more interesting is how the comic book images really complement the character design. Sure, part of that is because the primary character takes up much of the comic landscape, but even the images of backgrounds and villains fit the themes. Spider-Man’s red and blue color scheme is further boosted by the presence of yellow in the comic books, giving an overall bright look due to the primary colors used. Batman, on the other hand, features lots of blacks and yellows to go along with his costume colors, along with subdued reds, blues, and purples for the darker look we associate the character with. Therefore, everything looks remarkably ‘natural’, which is really what makes these figures so amazing.

Spider-Man and Batman Munnies

Spider-Man and Batman Munny

Spider-Man Comic Book Munny

Spider-Man Layered Munny

Spider-Man Custom Munny

Batman Comic Book Munny

Batman Layered Munny

Unfortunately, you can’t buy one of these for yourself since it was a commission, but you could always try and commission the artist yourself or make a personal art project out of the idea if you really want one for yourself. For more awesome Munny art, check out these versions of Hellraiser’s Pinhead, Watchmen’s Rorschach, and Transformers’ Bumblebee.