Keyboard Frequency Sculpture Is Redundant but Cool

Most of the times when we type, we end up using particular keys the most and that act has been described researchers as ‘Letter Frequency.’

Michael Knuepfel is a geeky artist who decided to test his sculpting prowess and also his 3D rapid prototyping techniques by using the concept of letter frequency. The idea was to build a keyboard which would visualize which keys he used the most while typing, and thus create sculptural data visualizations.

Another aspect of the art object was to have the data of the keys represent the object itself. He could not find a better concept than the concept of letter frequency to use 3D rapid prototyping techniques and make sculptural data visualizations.

Of course, you could possibly not type on a keyboard like this, and it is not meant to do that either. The art object is meant to explain which keys the artist uses the most, and how that data can be represe4nted in a 3D format, and how that 3D data can be converted into a physical sculpture.

While the Keyboard Frequency Sculpture maybe redundant and possibly not useful to anyone, it may help in creating sculptures of EEG reports and other such medical reports through which people can understand how their body or brains function.

3D modelling using computer based data is a new concept and many artists have begun to use it in abstract and absurd art forms.

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