Kid Icarus: Uprising Pit Figmas Coming In April

I’m not “kidding” around, this is a pretty awesome action figure of Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Kid Icarus Uprising Pit figma image 1

2012’s Kid Icarus: Uprising marked the successful return of Nintendo’s winged-hero, Pit, to the 3DS. A handheld game highly praised over its stylish melding of third-person action and rail shooter concepts (that caused sore hands-a-plenty in some player instances) and contained some of the most wickedly entertaining – dare I say “edgy” – dialogs in a Nintendo published game of recent note.

Does that make Uprising a candidate for ‘Game of the Year’ 2012, then? Hmm, that’s up for you to decide, readers. What I think it’s a strong candidate for is a kick-ass looking action figure from respected memorabilia maker, Max Factory. And whoa nelly, the Japanese-located company has done just that with their upcoming Pit figma, which is expected to ship sometime in late April.

Kid Icarus Uprising Pit figma image 2

Like all of Max Factory’s creations (check out the Link figma for a well executed example), Pit comes fully detailed and armed with an assortment of different pieces allowing his/her owner to pose the adventurous pipsqueak in a multitude of ways: with bow and arrow, minus bow and arrow, but with a friendly grin on face, flying through the air, or just chillin’ groundside.

Personally, the top image is my favorite set-up, but hey, that’s what’s so neat about Max Factory’s figmas, is that the choice is totally yours to make. Which reminds me, if you’re interested in purchasing one of these bad boys, you’ll have to chose between herald of good Pit, or his evil doppelganger, Dark Pit, who will be released at the same late-April date.

Kid Icarus Uprising Pit figma image 3

And here they are standing together, side-by-side! Aww, don’t they make such a cute little pair? Right now both are available for pre-order through AmiAmi at ¥2,910 ($35 USD) each, and come with – hold on to your card collecting binders, bros – an exclusive AR card in their first editions. The same AR cards that can be viewed in-game on the 3DS.

You know what else can be viewed through your 3DS – although not truly recommended, because the web browser on the 3DS is poo poo – is the fresh geeky content on Walyou, such as Ms. Pac-Man lattes and soccer playing robots. Dig it, ya’ll!